We are UPLAB.

Your growth & influencer marketing partner for China.

We are the most experienced and integrated company for Douyin 抖音 Image result for douyin logo white transparent


We help brands take the most out of their digital marketing and social media by using the latest social platforms, features, hypes and content forms.

How we generated 4000 leads in 2 weeks.

How we reached 15 million people on one day.

How we sold 10.000 bags of coconut chips in 3 months.

Talent Management

We help internet celebrities (influencers / KOLs) making a postive impact, become more sustainable and find new ways to grow their reach and monetization. Currently, we represent some of Douyin’s (TikTok) largest content creators.

Douyin Playbook

Everything you need to know about Douyin (internationally known as TikTok) in one simple guide. Complete with hands-on information, case-studies and tips & tricks from Douyin’s largest influencers. The guide you need to get started on this platform used by over 250 million users every single day.