We help brands, artists and creators succeed on TikTok & Douyin.

A creative marketing and talent management company led by growth marketers, content creators and top influencers in the industry. 

Helping brands and creators on TikTok / Douyin since 2016.

Creativity is great,
but it is even better when you get results.

For Brands

We have been creating daily content on TikTok & Douyin since 2016. From exclusive insights to knowledge on how the algorithm works, we know what works for you.

There are plenty of way for you to leverage on TikTok’s popularity. We offer the latest forms of advertisements for your brand.

  • Brand Takeover
  • In-feed Native Video
  • Hashtag Challenge
  • Lens 2D, 3D and AR

User Generated Content (UGC) is king on TikTok & Douyin, so it’s no surprise that influencer marketing is an effective form of marketing on the platform. We offer different types of campaigns for every budget, recurring and one-off projects.

  • Micro influencer campaigns 
  • Macro influencer campaigns
  • Top influencer campaigns

Campaigns ran in China will often include social commerce, a form to directly drive sales conversion through influencers.

We create personalized playbooks for brands that want to succeed on TikTok / Douyin, but have the in-house capabilities to create content. We are also available for keynotes, masterclasses and workshops.

Personalised analytics for your profile, but also current trends, songs and more. Launching our analytics platform soon.

For Creators

Every creator is unique and deserve personalised support. As creators ourselves, we know that you have, with the right support, a successful future ahead on the platform.

We offer personalised support, but with flexible contracts.

Content quality is extremely important on TikTok / Douyin. We teach you how to create content which leads to sustainable growth, more brands deals and high reach and engagement.

We are the first, most integrated and experienced TikTok / Douyin company. We can give you exclusive insights in the apps’ developments and opportunity. You have the opportunity to learn from other creators across the globe.

Personalised analytics for your profile, but also current trends, songs and more. Launching our analytics platform soon.

Our Impact

We help brands take the most out of their TikTok / Douyin marketing by using the latest features, hypes and content forms.

How we generated 4000 leads in 2 weeks.

How we reached 15 million people on one day.

How we sold 10.000 bags of coconut chips in 3 months.

How we grew an account to 100K followers in 6 months.

How we increased incoming leads with 30% in 2 months.

How we educated hundreds of marketers in Asia.

Our Talents

We help talented creators (influencers / KOLs) making a postive impact, become more sustainable and find new ways to grow their reach and monetization. Currently, we represent some of Douyin / TikTok’s best largest content creators.

Jae Wong, 4 million followers

Georgina, 2.6 million followers

Pink, 402k followers

ANTY, 3 million followers