3 beauty influencers on Douyin that generate results

As one of the most popular industries on Douyin, it is no surprise that there are many beauty influencers, with a diverse type of content on the platform. From live streams to tutorials, influencers use new and creative ways to advertise products.

While working with influencers in China, it is important that you can trust them. You have find out who they are, their average reach and engagement, with what brands they have worked with and more importantly, are they able to sell your product.

Not every influencer with a large reach is able to sell, so generally speaking, you should find an influencer who is regularly selling products through their Douyin e-commerce store. It could be that they sell under their own brand, or that they resell other brands.

We have selected 3 beauty influencers for you, that can generate results and sales. Ready?

锰宝 (3.3 million fans)

Fans: 3 300 000
Account URL:  http://v.douyin.com/YWkg56/
Estimated cost per post: RMB 100.000+

大猫妈妈 (797 000 fans)

Fans: 797 000
Account URL: http://v.douyin.com/YWLTQJ/
Estimated cost per post: RMB 15.000 – 25.000

洁哥是女大神呐 (1.2 million fans)

Fans: 1 200 000
Account URL: http://v.douyin.com/YWD3Xd/
Estimated cost per post: RMB 25.000 – 30 0000

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