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Helping brands, artists and creators on Douyin since 2016.

Founded in Shenzhen, UPLAB is a short video company with a strong focus on growth & creativity. We are a young and multicultural team of influencers, content creators and growth marketers spread over Europe and China.

We help artists reach new audiences and markets.

We help brands, artists and creators succeed on short video and live streaming. Working closely with the largest creators in China, we have gained extensive knowledge and experience in the future of social media, where Douyin (internationally known as TikTok) is one of the front-runners.

As our co-founder has been involved with Douyin (TikTok) since before the launch of the app and got paid by the company to create content, we have extensive knowledge and experience on short video and lives streaming and have been working closely with their team and its top creators since their launch in 2016. 

The habits of
Our Startup

As 5G is nearing us, video is becoming a much more important tool to communicate digitally. Also, the digital generation is wary of advertisements and value and trust friends and family recommendations much more. This means that User Generated Content (UGC) is going to play a much bigger role in the near future and right now, it’s challenging brands, artists and creators to create unique and creative content.

Creators are the most important asset in short video and live streaming. Every brand, artist and individual can and should leverage that growth, as that’s where future money is made.

Creator Team

Influencer management

Early industry adopters

Multilingual and -racial

Own creator space

We have a Chinese team

Who started UPLAB

Fabian (Bern) Ouwehand


Erin Huang


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