We are the consumers of today.

Growing up in a digital landscape, we are a team of influencers and data-driven marketers helping your brand reach new heights.


Our story

Founded in 2017, UPLAB is a growth & influencer marketing agency focussing on GEN Z and Millennials in China and Southeast Asia. We are a young and multicultural team of influencers, content- and growth marketers spread over Singapore, China and Europe.

We help the people around us through our services, but also by organising regular events, contributing to podcasts and providing quotes in articles and books.

Why Us

1. Understand the emerging market

We strongly believe that you have to have a hands-on understanding of an emergent target market. China has a huge growth of millennial and strong understanding of the Chinese market. Our team is full of individuals who are in the target market and have a strong understanding (see team)

How? We create content created by Chinese influencers for the Chinese market - our content will be created by content creators who have created for brands like Louis Vuitton, Audio, Huawei, Chanel, Armani, KFC, McDonalds, PizzaHut and more.

2. Importance of storytelling and ease to consume content

-we strongly believe in the value of relevant storytelling that creates an emotional connection and delivers tangible results. We strongly believe that you have to carefully choose influencers and how you create content in line with your values. Thats why we have a team of diverse content creators that we can choose from to ensure a perfect fit.

How? We help tell good stories with the right length, personalzied content that is emotionally resonant

3. Flexibility & choice

We believe in providing choice, flexibility and full re-use value of the content we deliver. we can tailor the production quality to best suit your budget through a vast network of content creators and efficient project management and creative direction.

How? creating repurposable and tailored content that will resonate across different social media channels (Douyin, RED ,Weibo - insert logos) , tailored budget based on productiion scale - we give you options

We believe in Guanxi

Guanxi defines the rudimentary dynamic in personalized social networks of power and is a crucial system of beliefs in Chinese culture. 

We believe that relationships are key to succeed. We have been doing even before we started. We have a network of over 500 influencers where we have a personal relation and connection with. We always try to find win-win collaborations. Exploring a way how we can help our influencers, clients or partners succeed. 

Strategy & Delivery Team


Founder & Growth Director


Advisor & Strategist


Managing Partner & Growth


Business Development Manager


Content Marketing Specialist


Content Marketing Specialist


Influencer Manager
Douyin Influencer (50K)


Influencer Team


Douyin Influencer (2.2M)
Instagram Influencer (100K)
Weibo Influencer (250K)


Douyin Influencer (900K)


Douyin Influencer (6.9M)


Douyin Influencer (7.4M)


Douyin Influencer (2.5M)

We have about 500 more influencers in our network. We will add some new profiles to this page soon.

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