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Founded in Shenzhen, UPLAB is a short video company with a strong focus on growth & creativity. We are a young and multicultural team of influencers, content creators and growth marketers spread over Europe and China.

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Since we started, we have been featured by multiple publications including, but not limited to, TechCrunch, Adweek, Tech in Asia, South China Morning Post, The Newyorker, The Next Web, Glossy and many more.

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As a function, livestreaming is complementary to the short-video format TikTok is known for, according to Fabian Ouwehand, the founder and growth director at short-video agency Uplab that runs a TikTok influencer house in the Netherlands. “We try to push our creators to start livestreaming more, because you’re bringing a feeling and a personality, more so than just through your short videos,” he said. “People can get to know you.”

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We are a group of creators and growth marketers helping brands reach the consumers of today and tomorrow.

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