🔊 China Business Cast: Douyin/TikTok and influencer marketing in Asia with Fabian Bern, Partner at UPLAB

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Today’s podcast we are talking about a very popular topic over the last few years in Digital Marketing which is Influence. Which in Asia is the one of the most cost-effective customer acquisition channels. And to talk about it, we invited a fellow China-preneur, Fabian Bern who will explain his way of reimagining Storytelling in Asia through Influencer Marketing.

About Fabian BERN:

  • From Netherlands like Jons – 25 years old – studied – passionate by marketing, technology, and mental health.
  • Fabian travelled the world, lived in different countries, spoke at events and worked with people from different cultures.
  • For over 5 years he has helped brands and people with growth marketing and business development. From starting a media-company and giving people access to affordable sports clothing, to help people make their dreams come through while working for venture capital.
  • Today, he spend most of his time on UPLAB, a creative & influencer agency where they help brands tell their story to the new generation.
  • On the side, he manages Lively, a place where people can understand more about their feelings and help them find the right professional help.

About UPLAB:

They focus on Douyin and influencer marketing.

  • Just rebranded to do just that, but not only for China, but for Southeast Asia
  • They are organising ‘China Influencer Summit’
  • And launching ‘Influencer Network’


  • Fabian Bern introduces himself and UPLAB activities in Asia and China.
  • We define Influencer Marketing and why according to Fabian and his expertise this marketing segment is so popular in Asia – and for the new generation UPLAB targets
  • Fabian talk about the Younger Generations
  • Talk about Douyin (TikTok) and explain the massive success of this platform first in Asia and now all around the world
  • Fabian is a Douyin user, is he influencer himself? We explain how people become influencer with a 10-15 secondes video content sharing
  • Talk about China Influencer Summit UPLAB is organising this year – the goal and the expectations
  • Explaining the process when brands want to engage and build relationship and create content with influencers
  • How much does an Influencer Marketing operation costs? Minimum budget for brands
  • Talk about the Influencer Network created by UPLAB – needs and process
  • Differences compare to PARKLY (other agency).
  • Best cases sharing – Brilliant Influence/Douyin campaign in Fabian’s opinion and tips to create a successful campaign
  • Ways people can reach Fabian and his business

Episode Mentions:

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Influencer marketing is predicted to grow exponentially in the coming years as Chinese influencers are given control to launch brands, products and services reaching millions of consumers successfully.

The event leverages on giving you access to Chinese influencers, global brands and help you get an understanding of the demographics of the new generation.

A day full of entertainment, performances, talks and workshops. Giving brands and influencers the opportunity to built Guanxi 關係 (relationships), discover new opportunities and get access to growth potentials.

China Influencer Summit 2019

The China Influencer Summit is one day where brands and Chinese influencers come together to connect, discover and collaborate.

The event, held in an exclusive venue will host over 200 guests, including 30+ influencers. The influencers with a combined fan base of over 18 million, who are looking for new collaborations and opportunities. They are active on channels as WeChat, Weibo, XHS, Douyin, TikTok, Instagram and more.

Our guests are decision makers, interested in the latest digital marketing trends, influencer marketing, and digital innovation. Mostly foreign companies looking for innovative ways to reach their target audience in China.

Your take-aways:

  • Understanding the importance of influencer marketing
  • Connect with China’s top influencers and key opinion leaders
  • How to become a brand for the new generation
  • Explore different ways to reach your target audience
  • A deep-dive in the process of content creations by an influencers
  • One-time collaboration opportunities with top influencers
  • How to get started with influencer marketing

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Interested in speaking or sponsoring? Please get in touch with us at fabian@uplab.asia.

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