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what you should know

We offer innovative social marketing that works on the largest platforms in China.

User Generated Content (UGC) is the future of marketing in China and you should make use of it now, across all of your different channels.

It’s so important that your existing content is edited in the right way before you post it on your channels. 

We use top creators in the industry to create content for your brand, supported by experienced growth marketers and influencer managers we help you to create new things other brands get jealous of.


It’s not always easy to decide the right form of content marketing for your work. Based on our experience, we can show you how our marketing can help you

Increasement of video views
your videos are more likely get in the algorithm
Increasement of Followers
Not the most important, but still key to built credibility
Increasement of engagement rate
Interesting content has a higher engagement rate


Our company works with a productised service offering. This means that we created packages based on our success stories. 

We customise all our services based on your goals, objectives, and industry. Every piece of content or campaign is unique to you.

Thanks to productised service, we increase our collaboration efficiency and transparancy. At the same time, it’s so much easier to manage our communication.

  • Get started quickly
  • More transparancy
  • More efficiency
  • Easy communication
  • Personalised contents
  • Guaranteed results


Because we use technology to automate some of the processes which takes us less time, we can offer you more for a lower price.

As every agency we started out with a lot of customization to suit the brands needs. After running many different campaigns we figured that we understand the best on how to succeed through short-video.

The packages are specifically designed for companies like yours. Because we know what we are doing, we can always guarantee a minimum return on investment.

All the paid advertising packages include content creation from an UPLAB verified creator. This means that the creator has had previous experience in promotional content. You don’t pay extra for this content and is included in the package price.

Our content editors edit in Chinese and English, so you can capture the largest audience. If you need editing to be done in your own language, we charge an additional fee for that.

Yes, we offer customised paid advertising packages starting from $10.000 USD per month.

You click on ‘Get Started’ on the packages box on your right side. You can directly purchase the package, submit your brief etc. 

We will then get in touch with you regarding the next steps.


  • KOL Content Marketer
  • Bilingual communication
  • Always focussed on ROI
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Multi-Channel Activation