How to automate your marketing and sales efforts

Every company wants to grow, but during the process, they face a lot of obstacles; money, employees, communication and of course, time. But actually, we can solve many obstacles with technology and automation. Of course, technology and automation, but it’s obvious that we often overlook inefficiencies. The most important point of getting a clear overview, is our process.

I will show an example how to automate the sales process. First of all, we plan the whole process; after that, we automate the tasks. The easiest way to plan, in this case, is a flowchart (you can use for example;

The sales process is from the first contact to closing (start to finish). Of course, this is just an example of a process, but to give you a clear view.

Cool, we got the process worked out. Now we have to measure the baseline and find out what each task take time / resources. We can measure this easily by phone or the good old stopwatch.

So, now we know the baseline per task and the process. For scalability and efficiency, we have to cut the redundancy down, for every prospect / lead we get, it takes us 80 minutes to finish. We have to find a solution for each task in the process, to reduce the time.

Prospect / Lead & Contact

It takes a lot of time. Think about reaching out to people, follow them back et cetera, we should automate that. The problem why we’re not doing it right now is research paralysing, reading too many tools. (There are tons of them:

For this task, I would recommend you Autopilot (, $20 p/m). Autopilot is an email automation tool what helps you automate your personalized customer journeys.

Schedule call

Scheduling a day and time, a task what take quite much time and easily to automate. I really would recommend Calendly (, FREE or $8 p/m), where you can schedule meetings and appointments easily.

Create proposal

Creating a proposal and send it, it doesn’t take that much time, but if we can automate it, why not! A nice way to send easily proposals is Proposify (, $25 p/m). With Proposify you can send and analyse at a simple way – in the cloud – proposals.

Collect payment

Last, but not least is collecting the payment. We have to make it as easy as possible for the customer. There are a lot of different accounting software available. Have a look at Moneybird or Freshbooks.

Okay, we got a total of $72 per month to automate our whole process. But should we do that? The most important thing we need to know, is it time reducing?

Now we have to check the costs vs the benefits, is it worth spending this amount of money to reduce the time (of 48 minutes) in our process? In this case, it’s not interesting to automate everything (and spend the whole $72), as we are not reducing any time with creating the proposal and collecting the money. If we choose to only automate the first 3 tasks, we will save money as the cost per prospect/lead will reduce.

Of course, we don’t have to automate every task, but planning gives us a clear overview of our labour on tasks, where we can measure our costs and decide to automate or hire an employee.

I would like to finish with the follow steps:

Plan > Measure > Test > Optimize > Scale.

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